Corona lockdown – #CraftBeerAid2020

It has been awfully quiet on for quite some time now. It’s not because I have stopped drinking beers. Life just changed quickly during the last month or so. Due to the Danish Corona lockdown I’m working from home teaching my pupils. It’s a totally different way to work than what I normally do. A very large part of my normal work is to talk to my pupils face to face and to my colleagues about the teens and what they do and don’t do. Now everything is carried out in mails, chat and video. It’s okay but not anywhere near as good as facing people every day.

Back to beer!

As some of you might know by now I’m a member of the Danish blogger community BeerBloggersDK(Facebook)/BeerBloggersDK(Instagram).

To help the Danish craft beer scene through the tough times of Corona lockdown we have launched a campaign to help. Fittingly enough we have named the campaign “Craft Beer Aid 2020”. You’ll find the everything about the campaign by searching the hashtag #CraftBeerAid2020 on Instagram or Facebook.

As a consequence of Craft Beer Aid 2020 I’ll write quite a few blog posts i Danish in the near future. Bear with me and use Google Translate if you want to read anyway.

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