December 3rd – A Word On Beers X-mas Calendar

December 3rd and this is what was in my two X-mas calendars:

🎄The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar🎄
Henry & Irma Hazy Session IPA by Mikkeller
Initial fruity hops in the nose paired with some bread/wheat. Being a 3.5% ABV hazy session IPA the mouthfeel is a bit thin as I would expect it to be. The flavor is citrus/grapefruit hops, a bit of bread and a rather present bitterness. This is a quite nice session IPA.

🎄My wife’s homemade X-mas calendar🎄
Deep Space Xmas Party by Põhjala (and Kihoskh) – Imperial chocolate porter with a clear coffee aroma on top of some milk chocolate and rye bread. Taste evident coffee, milk chocolate from the cocoa nibs, vanilla beans lend some sweetness and oak is just there to stay until the end. This is a quite nice imperial chocolate porter.
Once again the Põhjala guys deliver a tasty black beer. I actually don’t think I have ever had a porter or stout from their hands that wasn’t tasty!

This was the first day with a clear difference in the level of the two beers. Don’t be mistaken that these are both well-executed beers, but to my taste, Deep Space Xmas Party is just way more interesting than Henry & Irma Hazy Session IPA. Session IPAs are often suffering from being thin and watery and in that light, it’s really no surprise that my favorite today is the Xmas coffee porter from Põhjala.

All through December, I’m opening my two X-mas beer calendars. The two calendars are The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar and my wife’s homemade X-mas calendar.

See you tomorrow!

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