December 2nd – A Word On Beers X-mas Calendar

December 2nd and this is what was in my two X-mas calendars:

🎄The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar🎄
Oude Geuze Goût Américain by Mikkeller
Super fruity and quite acidic oude geuze. Color is nice and Brettanomyces is evident – this beer is a super thirst quencher with a fair complexity. Tasty oude geuze.

🎄My wife’s homemade X-mas calendar🎄
B.A. Maple V.B.M. by Fierce Beer – Massive aroma of chocolate and maple hits the nose instantly paired with a faint vanilla note – Taste is full-blown chocolate and evident bourbon barrel from the 9 months in the dark. The added fenugreek is not something I can pinpoint but the maple syrup is definitely present. Mouthfeel is smooth with a very satisfying feeling of mouth-coating liquid happiness.

These are both great beers but if I’m forced to choose one of the two beers it must be B.A. Maple V.B.M. by Fierce Beer – it’s a super tasty winter night sipper that makes you wanna have more every time you have a sip. I liked both beers a lot and December has begun in a very tasty way. I’m really excited about opening my two beer calendars every morning.

All through December I’m opening my two X-mas beer calendars. The two calendars are The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar and my wife’s homemade X-mas calendar.

See you tomorrow!

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