Beer and friends

How and with who do you like to enjoy your beers? When does a beer taste the best?

A Danish brewery once had a slogan that said something like: “When does our beer taste the best? Every time!” I do not agree with that simply because it’s not the case. I like to enjoy many different beers and sometimes a beer is just not tasty. I try to spend my beer money on tasty beers, but before you have a sip or two it’s impossible to know if a beer is great. Some breweries are more hit than miss when it comes to the qualities of their beers. If I have too many less than decent beers from a specific brewery I tend to focus elsewhere the next time I throw some of my money at beer.

What about drinking beer with friends, does it make the experience of a beer different than drinking the beer on your own? If you ask me beer is a social thing and they are always better when drinking them with friends. Great company makes everything better and drinking beer is no exception. Being in the best company can sometimes make you forget about the beer you drink.

Is it then better to drink craft beer on your own? Again, beer is a social thing should always be enjoyed in the company of people you like to spend time with.

For me the best beer related experiences have been in company of good friends. Does great company make bad beers better then? No, but sometimes you don’t think that much about the beer if you are enjoying good times. What about great beers then? Great beers are maybe experienced as being even better when enjoyed in great company. This may be a side effect of hyping great beers in the company of fellow craft beer lovers.

No matter the quality of the beer, always drink with someone you like to spend time with. Beer is meant for enjoyment, not for forgetting the rest of the world.

Now I’ll go plan my next tasting session with some craft beer drinking friends. I’m sure it will be great.

See you!

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