Proper glassware – money well spent?

Does beer need a special glass? Can’t I just drink it out of the bottle or the can? Why be a nerd about your beer glasses?

If you spend a fair amount of money on a beer you want to give yourself the best possible experince when drinking it. To do that you need to pay attention to your glassware. Not all beers are treated fair by pouring them in a tumbler. A lager needs a tall slim glass. The belgian ales requires a chalice and the lambics have their own glass too. In fact most beer styles have their own glass today. IPAs have a glass that ensures that aromas are catapulted into your nose. Porters and stout have a glas that makes it easy to pour them without creating a large head and when drinking them the glass ensures that the heat from your hand is transferred to the beer to warm it and release some of the aromas of roasted malt, coffee and chocolate.

If you like strong ales, barrel aged imperial stouts and barley wines you need a snifter to use when you sit back and enjoy these beers over a period of time.

If you only want to invest in one glass to use for all your beers I would recommend the Teku glass. The Teku glass has a long stem and is much like a wine glass. The benefits of the Teku glass is that it carries aroma extemely well, as it has a shape that in many ways resembles a whisky tasting glass, just bigger.

If you don’t want to invest in proper glassware for your beers, my advice is to use a red wine glass. The wine glass is designed to carry the aroma into your nose and in many ways it’s like the Teku glass.

If you want to invest in a few glasses for your beer (they deserve it!) my best advice is to go for a Teku glass, an IPA glass, a tumbler and a snifter of some kind.

When you have invested in new glassware be sure to rinse them properly. Use clean water, dish soap and a soft cloth.

Most importantly: Enjoy your beer!

See you!

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