December 6th – A Word On Beers X-mas Calendar

December 6th and this is what was in my two X-mas calendars:

🎄The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar🎄

Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake by Mikkeller and Lervig – Kind of aggressive maple hits the nose and is mixed with a bit of dark chocolate and a tiny hint of vanilla. Taste is intense maple on top of vanilla, coffee and a tasty smooth imperial stout with a creamy mouthfeel that almost reminds me of milk-foam on a cappuccino. This is a seriously nice beer!

🎄My wife’s homemade X-mas calendar🎄

8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout By Westbrook Brewing Co. – This is a crazy beer from the moment it hits the glass. Aroma is cookies all the way with slightly burnt sugar, pecan, and chocolate. Taste is equally amazing! Chocolate chip cookies with roasted pecans is the first thing that springs to mind. This beer is sufficiently thick and oily without being too much or turning cloyingly sweet. Every adjunct is nicely balanced and makes this beer a pure joy to drink!

It seems that both calendars continue to hit the same beer styles on the same day. Today as well as the other days it’s no pitty. Both beers today are amazing and if I’m forced to choose one over the other I think it must be 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout. It’s just a tiny bit more smooth and maybe also a tad more balanced than Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake. Going to a deserted island and only being able to bring a lifetime supply of stout both would be acceptable choices. Today is the day of Saint Niclas (Santa Claus) and these two beers seem appropriate to celebrate this day.

All through December, I’m opening my two X-mas beer calendars. The two calendars are The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar and my wife’s homemade X-mas calendar.

See you tomorrow!

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