Can bottles win?

Being a craft beer drinker has surely made you drink a beer or two from both cans and bottles. Does it matter to you if it’s one or the other or is it just a container to bring beer to your glass? If forced which one of the two would you chose?

Many a bar and restaurent should consider to carry beer in cans instead of some stale beer in long over due kegs. A fridge with cold canned beer is way better than the keg solution if beers are not moved out quickly. The can has many advantages compared to a bottle. The canned beer is not affected by sunlight and no oxygen can get to the beer. The bottled beer on the other hand is exposed to sunlight given that the bottle is clear in some way. Oxygen can also be a problem given that the seal under the cap is slightly air-permeable meaning that oxygen can affect the beer and eventually make it bad. If it’s and IPA there is no doubt whatsoever that the can is by far the better choice.

In Denmark for some reason bottles are considered to be a better container than cans by most people. They seem to think that cans are only for cheap macro lagers sold by the crate for next to nothing preferably with a discount. Modern beer is best suited for cans compared to bottles for long term storage and it would be a nice change if restaurent would open their eyes and notice the benefits of canned beer instead of way too old kegged beer or skunked bottles.

I have my fingers crossed an hope for better beer when I’m out for dinner in the future.

See you!